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Golan Travel Agency

The world you never see before

Golan was established with passion and enthusiasm to provide the best services and tourism programs to all parts of the world, with a focus on providing personalized and customized services to each customer based on our passion for continuous development and our experience over the years …

Our Services

We have developed services for all categories of travelers from visa issuance and hotel and tour bookings to enjoy your trip in comfort and safety
Tickets Booking

Possibility of booking tickets through many international and local airlines

Hotel reservations

Hotel and hostel reservations worldwide


Best overseas study deals with Golan experts

Medical Tourism

Our team organizes the best treatment programs to enjoy good health and a happy recovery period

Car Rental

We offer you a wide range of economical vehicles and luxury villas with the international license

Multiple means of transport

Reception at the airport, tours and more

Tourist Programs

A variety of tourism programs for different regions around the world


Cruise bookings through the best international shipping companies

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